Data Custodian Services Protecting the Ownership, Integrity and Use of Personal Data Assets for Individuals and Companies.


Mitigate the Risks of Consent Management

Within the next ten years, societal, digital, regulatory and economic pressures will lead companies to make errors in data privacy management.

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Our Expertise

Data Privacy laws continue to expand and evolve. The tried and true data security methods are simply no longer adequate.

At Consent Trust, we are building a global network for consent verification. Our members are able to utilize a consent data exchange with auditable access, continuity, and the highest levels of security and privacy protection.

Through Consent Trust, ensure data source identities, traceability and integrity, all within an immutable vault.

Key Features & Benefits

Consent collection and safekeeping

Eliminate risk exposure due to mismanagement of consent data.

Global compliance with unique country data processing regulations

Augment the effectiveness of your regulatory teams through our global data processing knowledge database.

Continuous, automated and transparent auditing of all consent transactions

Ensure you are monitoring and inspection ready at all times

Tracking of meta data for critical reporting purposes.

Gain valuable insights for secondary uses


How Consent Trust Works

How Consent Trust Works

Consent Trust uses the latest in Blockchain technology to create immutable records that are 100% auditable and traceable.


Leverage autoscaling, cloud based resources to ensure fast user experiences with 99.9% uptime

Open APIs

Connect to any consent collection system for easy access and storage


No local storage of sensitive files on a device. Everything is transferred, secured and stored in real-time


Leverage the latest in security to ensure 100% protected data files

Non-Fungible Tokens

Guaranteed unique tokens ensure every consent file is associated to a specific user


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